Standard Resume

Standard Resume is a modern resume builder. Import your work history from LinkedIn, fill out your resume and save as a PDF and shareable website. No formatting, styling or hosting required.

Sous Vide Diaries

Sous Vide Diaries is an Instagram account of food that I cooked sous vide. is a place where I can share more than just photos. I would like to start sharing recipes and techniques that would be valuable to someone new to cooking sous vide.


Amplitude is built for people who are looking to discover new music. You pick a starting point, help tune the algorithm by saying yes/no to a few samples and then you get a playlist of 30 songs that you probably haven't heard before.


Discovery Weekly is awesome. Finding a song you really like and then losing it when your Discover Weekly changes next week isn't. Rediscover saves a copy of your Discover Weekly playlist every week, so you'll never lose another song.

Dropbox JavaScript SDK

I built an open source JavaScript SDK for the Dropbox API. It runs in the browser or node, has a promise based interface and great documentation. It is currently downloaded 20,000 times per month and has 400 stars on GitHub.