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Rediscover |

Rediscover creates 15,000+ Spotify playlists every week. It automatically saves a copy of your Discover Weekly playlist every Friday, so you'll never lose another song.

Dropbox JavaScript SDK |

An open source JavaScript SDK for the Dropbox API that I wrote while working there. It's used by 3,400 projects and is downloaded 15,000 times per week from npm.

Sous Vide Diaries |

Sous Vide Diaries is an Instagram account with photos and videos of food that I cooked sous vide. The account has 2,600 followers.

Tight |

Slack is overwhelming and distracting. Tight is an open source browser extension that improves the Slack interface, making it easier to focus.

Amplitude |

Amplitude is built for people who are looking to discover new music. You pick a starting point, help tune the algorithm by saying yes/no to a few samples and then you get a playlist of 30 songs that you probably haven't heard before.